Aneukor Capability Statement

With our extensive and diverse financial and information technology focus, Aneukor provides accurate and secure solutions to help improve your business strategies, operations and profitability.

About Aneukor

Aneukor LLC consists of a solid team of Accounting and IT professionals ready to meet your challenges.

To fully understand the Aneukor Advantage and learn more about how Aneukor can become your “Trusted Financial and Network Partner,” email:

Core Competencies

Aneukor has successfully recognized, fixed and bridged the gap in the fast paced competitive business world by addressing most company’s two biggest pain points: Finance and Information Technology.

  • Full Range of Accounting Services
  • Custom Outsourcing Solutions
  • Financial Reporting, Management & Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Financial and IT Training
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Cleared Systems Networking Engineers
  • Cleared Financial Resources



  • Aneukor Advantage Based Customer Service
  • Adaptive Financial & Network Solution Success
  • Mission Based Accounting ™ Principle
  • Multiple Office Locations


Past Performance

  • Knoxville Utilities Board
  • Army National Guard
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Army Contracting Command
  • Telecommunications Industry Association
  • United States Information Technology Office
  • National Capital Area Paralegal Association
  • Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
  • Infant Toddler Family Daycare of Northern VA Inc.